Evan Kallipolitis 2014 World Cancer Congress

Evan Kallipolitis

Evan Kallipolitis has worked for various cancer organisations both professionally and voluntary for over 10 years. Evan has been dedicated to raising awareness in men’s health and has worked in establishing Mens sheds. With the concept of a “man cave” being a safe non-confrontational space for men, creating a sense of camaraderie focusing on promoting health and well-being utilising wood work as a medium. Evan’s passion lies in group dynamics and facilitation and these skills have complemented his current role at Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. Evan has played an instrumental role in the current growth of prostate cancer support groups in NSW and ACT and has been part of the development and implementation of evidence based best practise support group leader training modules delivering workshops at both a state and national level. Evan holds a bachelors and Master’s degree.

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