E-poster Presentation 2014 World Cancer Congress

Support group leader training: development and implementation (#619)

Evan Kallipolitis 1
  1. Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, St Leonards, NSW, Australia

Background and Context:

Prostate cancer is the most significant male cancer in Australia, affecting not only men diagnosed, but also their partners, family and friends and the wider community. Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) is uniquely placed through its peer led supportive care network to assist men and women dealing with prostate cancer at various stages of their journey. This person-centred and community based support network is based on an empowerment and strengths based framework within a tiered supportive care model. Most recently, PCFA has been involved in the development of an evidence based training programme to enhance the capacity of PCFA affiliated prostate cancer support group leaders to provide support to people dealing with cancer. The training consists of a suite of seven modules. 


To develop and implement evidence-based best practice support group leader training.


The development of these modules was undertaken by an internal working group of key PCFA staff and an external consultant, who wrote the program

Programme/Policy Process:

The development of the program was informed by contemporary evidence of what works in peer based support programs and was reviewed by an Expert Advisory Panel throughout its development. 

Outcomes/What was learned:

Initial training was delivered in 2013 with positive results. The evaluation demonstrated increased capability of support group leader knowledge and skills in facilitating groups.