Jim Marshall 2014 World Cancer Congress

Jim Marshall

Jim Marshall is a man with locally advanced prostate cancer. As Convenor of the Australian Advanced Prostate Cancer Support Groups Jim helps men with advanced prostate cancer (and their partners) support each other. Men with advanced prostate cancer (locally advanced, metastatic or recurrent), and those who care about them, get: monthly phone-in meetings, often with an expert guest speaker; A website where members exchange information and personal experience; Emails to members with each new website post; Member-to-member phone support; and A Twitter feed. The Advanced Prostate Cancer Support Groups use the teleconference facilities of, and receive other support from, the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) with which they are affiliated. Jim's website http://jimjimjimjim.com is the gateway to the group's forums. There is a 'Contact Jim' link on that page.

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