Lucy E Elliss-Brookes 2014 World Cancer Congress

Lucy E Elliss-Brookes

Lucy has worked in cancer intelligence for fifteen years, progressing from a solid cancer analytical background at hospital level through to wider information management and leadership in cancer intelligence across a Cancer Network, supporting and developing staff and team members to flourish in this specialist environment. She joined the National Cancer Intelligence Network (NCIN) as Analytical Programme Manager in 2012 and is responsible for managing the delivery of the core analytical work of the organisation, developing and strengthening the expert analytical functionally offered by the NCIN. She is passionate about cancer data, information and intelligence and has presented nationally and internationally on many aspects of her work, with a focus on demonstrating the positive impact that cancer intelligence can have on patient care. Lucy has a particular interest in the National Awareness and Early Diagnosis Initiative and is very excited about the plethora of opportunities that the management and communication of high quality and innovative cancer intelligence can unleash. Lucy strives to bring energy and vibrancy to the teams she works with, adapting to the ongoing evolution and change of national policy and ensuring that specialist expert cancer intelligence advice is utilised to improve health outcomes and narrow inequalities. Far from being a data nerd she relishes the challenge of effectively communicating cancer information - and making it exciting.

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