Silvia Paddock 2014 World Cancer Congress

Silvia Paddock

Dr. Paddock has more than a decade of biomedical project management, technical writing, and programming experience. She provides project management, science writing, and informatics support for Federal and industry clients. Her areas of expertise include research in neuroscience and genetics, project logistics, database design, development of computational methods, grant writing, and grant review. She mainly programs in Perl and Objective-C and understands a wide range of other compiled and scripting languages. Dr. Paddock has published several programs ranging from targeted utilities for specific scientific tasks to broad-audience Apps for the Mac App Store and the iPhone. She is currently focusing on the development of new methods to structure and visualize scientific evidence in the field of cancer research. During her tenure at the Karolinska Institute Department of Neuroscience, she coordinated an international academia/industry collaboration on genome-wide analysis of mutations in DNA from psychiatric patients. Her scientific work has resulted in more than 30 peer-reviewed publications. Dr. Paddock received her postdoctoral training at the National Institute of Mental Health, working on complex genetics of psychiatric disorders, her PhD in neuroscience from Karolinska Institute, and her undergraduate training (Cand. Med.) at Heidelberg University in Germany.

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