Astrid Przezdziecki 2014 World Cancer Congress

Astrid Przezdziecki

Astrid Przezdziecki is employed at Liverpool Hospital as a Clinical Psychologist under initiatives from the Cancer Institute and the Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre. She is based full-time in the Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre and works with patients, carers and family throughout all stages of the cancer experience. Astrid has extensive experience working in matters pertaining to health as well as clinical psychology, previously being employed in the areas of D&A, chronic pain, rehabilitation and urology. She currently supervises staff at her hospital’s Genetic Counselling Service and has been appointed a Conjoint Lecturer by the UNSW South Western Clinical Medical School. Astrid Przezdziecki regularly provides patient education and staff in-services at various locations in the Sydney region. She maintains a “Scientist-Practitioner” approach combining research as a foundation to evidence-based clinical practice. To further this stance, she is currently undertaking a PhD in the field of psycho-oncology with Macquarie University’s Centre for Emotional Health.

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