E-poster Presentation 2014 World Cancer Congress

Evaluation of see and treat program implementation in East Java Province, Indonesia three years experience (#634)

Sjahjenny Mustokoweni 1
  1. Department of Pathology School of Medicine, Airlangga University, Surabaya, Indonesia

Background and Context:

Almost 80% cervical cancer patients came to Dr. Soetomo Hospital in stage II above, although the Pap smear movement has developed since 1969 in East Java Province, because most of women with precancerous lesion did not go to see the gynecologist due to no pain symptom and difficult geographic area besides the poor. See and Treat has four pillars in the activities from awareness to sustainability


to share our experience in reducing cervical cancer cases effort using a very simple method by Visual Inspected with Acetic acid (See) and using cryotherapy (Treat) in low resource area in East Java Province.


A retrospective study of program achievement from 14 districts, by community empowerment and create the special strategy, using secondary  data from the report of activities within  2008 – 20011. The evaluation consist of the achievement and analysis of people awareness, the training programs, the screening with VIA followed by cryotherapy and program sustainability.

Programme/Policy Process:

Outcomes/What was learned: 

there were 60,352 women received education, 16,227 went for VIA screening with positive VIA 1,020 and 704 underwent to cryotherapy. There were some training had been done for 464 general practitioners, 717 midwives, 117 field coordinators, 998 health promoters  in sub districts and 63 teachers of high school. For program sustainability there were many local government regulations that could support the program such as free VIA, free Pap smears and very low price for treatment.