E-poster Presentation 2014 World Cancer Congress

Together we can beat cancer! A community engagement strategy to drive emotional connection with Cancer Council and our mission (#680)

Karen Armstrong 1 , Alan Sicolo 2
  1. Cancer Council Australia, Sydney, NSW, Australia
  2. Cancer Council South Australia, Eastwood, SA, Australia

Background and Context:

 Cancer Council is a federated organisation, well supported by the public with strong brand awareness. Cancer Council lacked the more emotive aspects of providing hope, support and making a difference in the lives of individuals and the community.


 1.     Drive emotional engagement 

2.     Increase brand understanding (who we are and what we do)

3.     Drive prompted and unprompted brand awareness

4.     Increase propensity to donate 


 Cancer Council’s brand journey commenced with a common brand across the federation, completed in 2007. This collaboration tied all our individual cancer organisations under one identity.

A masterbrand strategy was implemented to deliver an iconic brand that drove association with all its sub-brands. Our unique position as an organisation for all Australians, all cancers and a breadth of activities - research, support, prevention and advocacy. This was Cancer Council’s opportunity to reinforce that we are here together to beat cancer.

Programme Process:

 The most recent process to develop a creative campaign included: 

1.     Review available research and interview internal stakeholders

2.     Agree core proposition

3.     Agreed brief to engage our consumer’s hearts and drive their knowledge on the breadth of Cancer Council’s role.

4.     Focus testing of concept boards

5.     Creative production

6.     In-market launch & evaluation of media strategies

7.     On-going development of supporting creative materials and campaign integration

Costs and returns:

  Returns have been measured in service uptake and brand tracking movement. 

Outcomes/What was learned:

1.     Brand attributes:  Cancer Council was able to increase our emotional brand attribute measures on ‘community’ & ‘leadership’.

2.     Brand understanding: Cancer Council Helpline has increased uptake and awareness in SA

3.     Brand awareness: Cancer Council’s unprompted brand awareness and an individual's propensity to donate has increased over time improving our metrics on our conversion funnel.