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Epidemiological characteristics of carcinoma of the cervix in Federal Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki, Nigeria (#560)

Paul Ezeonu 1 , Joseph Agboeze 1 , Robinson Onoh 1 , Matthew Nwali 1
  1. Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki, Abakaliki, Ebony, Nigeria


 Cervical cancer is the second most common malignancy

in women worldwide with a high incidence in under-developed

countries and Nigeria is one of these countries. Its presentation in our environment is usually late.


To study the epidemiological characteristics of cancer of the cervix in the Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki.


Retrospective study of all  cases of cancer of cervix admitted at the Federal Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki from 1st January 2012 to 31st December 2013. The case records of the patients were retrieved from the ward admissions and discharge books and the operating theatre record books.The data were analyzed using IBM SPSS statistics 20 and the results expressed in descriptive statistics by simple percentages.


Over the 2 year study period  1178 women were admitted,  99(8.4%) were found to have gynecological malignancy while (60.6%) were cancer of the cervix The mean age of the patients was 42.4 years, Twenty-five (69.4 %) were grandmultiparous. Five (17.9%) admitted to multiple sexual partners. A common presenting complain was bleeding through the vagina (64.2%), (14.3%) were urinary incontinence and (38.9%) were cachetic. Late stage cancers were (84.6%), and  (73.0%) were squamous cell carcinoma.


Cancer of the cervix present late in the Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki .Screening for pre-malignant lesions of the cervix should be encouraged.