E-poster Presentation 2014 World Cancer Congress

Fundraising report (#683)

Marc Keller 1 , Ken Phinéas Tchiteya 2 , Kévin Béhar 1
  1. French league against cancer, Paris, France
  2. International, Calissa Ikama, Brazzaville, Congo

History and context

The action led by the Calissa Ikama foundation, full member of the ALIAM (Alliance of African and Mediterranean French speaking leagues) since 2008 (date of its creation) allowed to make significant progress in the struggle against cancer in Congo (low-income country).

On the nine bad points identified in 2008, eight still need to be enhanced: four are still bad and four are encouraging.

The foundation developed a fundraising action plan including six priority projects that will be realized in 2014-2015 and will allow to turn these encouraging and bad points into positive points.


To collect 340 000 US dollars, essential to the realization of the different projects.


The administrators of the foundation have used their address book and their capital stock to approach politics and business men.

The funds would provide from the sale of tables and direct donations before, during and after the reception.


Four main times: film on the history of the foundation Calissa Ikama; communication from an oncologist on children cancers taking care, communication of a pediatrician concerning an implantation of a pediatric oncology unit in Brazzaville, progressive announcement of the evolution of the collect and finally encouragements and thanks of the guests.

Costs and benefits

The reception cost 16 700 US dollars and for now 171 730 US dollars (50% of the sought fund) has been collected.

What was learned?

Financing actions for the struggle against cancer is not an easy task, especially in a country that suffers from a huge gap in communication about cancer and that still has not put in place its national policy.

The action of Calissa Ikama foundation shows that with more will, more determination and more passion, it is possible to find local funds by relying on private sectors and sponsorship.