E-poster Presentation 2014 World Cancer Congress

Lobby Day Project: Breast Cancer Survivors Take Action in the Brazilian National Congress  (#695)

Maira Caleffi 1 , Ana Lucia Gomes 1 , Thiago Turbay 1 , Rosa Rutta 1 , Isabel d'Ávila 1 , Robert Chapman 2
  1. FEMAMA - Brazilian Federation of Philanthropic Breast Health Institutions, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
  2. American Cancer Society, Washington, EUA

Background and Context

There is a severe lack of investments in the health sector in Brazil, which directly affects access to treatment and healthcare. People's Initiative (PLP) 321/13, which states that 10% of the Union's gross revenue will be dedicated to healthcare, was pending in the Brazilian National Congress. Article 3 of the PEC (Proposed Amendment to the Constitution) to the "obligatory budget" stated that 15% of the Union's net income will be designated to healthcare, which would be BRL 180 million less than proposed in PLP 321/13. Thus, FEMAMA (Brazilian Federation of Philanthropic Institutions for Supporting Breast Health) decided to get involved to ensure that Congress would approve the PLP.


Approval of PLP 321/13, ensuring the expansion of resources for the healthcare sector.


110 breast cancer survivors visited 503 parliamentary cabinets, convincing them of the importance of passing the PLP, which would be an unprecedented action for the country.  FEMAMA assembled in front of the Congress building, with 130 flags that displayed the project's message, and organized a Philanthropic Institutions Reception, where parliamentarians told survivors and the press about their intention to approve the PLP.

Programme/Policy Process:

Training survivors: Role Playing

Symbolic Act: Assembly in front of the National Congress

Twitter Action: Spreading messages about the project.

Visits: Simultaneous visits in 98% of parliamentary cabinets.

Philanthropic Institutions Reception: Speeches showing commitment to designating resources to healthcare. 

Post-Lobby Day: Contacting and sending parliamentarians materials.

Outcomes/What was learned:

During Lobby Day, the Commission for Constitution, Justice and Citizenship voted to divide the PEC into two different projects. Therefore the vote on the PEC Article (which would designate only 15% of the Union's net income) was delayed, giving PLP 321/13 new life.

FEMAMA continues to work to ensure the approval of the proposal that will guarantee the most resources for healthcare.