E-poster Presentation 2014 World Cancer Congress

Fundraising strategies for cancer (NGOS) (#690)

Anita Peter 1 , pradnya Phatak 1
  1. Cancer Patients Aid Association, Mumbai, India

Background: Survival and Competent function of any registered non-government charitable organization largely depends on continuous flow of funds and more importantly on newer fundraising strategies that are environment friendly and changing with changing times. The current paper presents an overview of changing fundraising strategies used by Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) over 40years, from 1969 to present is an important component of our day to day activities.

Aim: In India, where non government associations do not receive any grant or regular income, fund raising ends up playing a pivotal role not only with respect to patient oriented needs, but also has to cover the burden of infrastructure and administrative cost for the effective functioning of the organization. To ensure newer and long-term fundraising techniques or strategies which ensure regular source of income and work towards self-sufficiency for the non-government organization.

Method: This can be achieved by Compartmentalization of various activities into departments working towards self sufficiency e.g. •CPAA works on the motto of “total Management of Cancer” including awareness, patient care, diagnostic, insurance & rehabilitation, each of these activities is run as an individual profit centre with the responsibility of raising funds themselves with minimal support from the central administration.

Result: Successful collection of funds from these methods is responsible for an annual outgoing by CPAA working towards the cause of cancer since the last 44 years without receiving any grant or regular assistance.

Conclusion: Success of effective fundraising techniques depends largely on newer strategies being introduced from time to time, but they have to be backed by spectacular performance by the NGO, transparency, high credibility levels and a profile, which is also media savvy.