E-poster Presentation 2014 World Cancer Congress

With supporter numbers declining, how Cancer Council Queensland took the F2F step (#691)

Karen Shields 1
  1. Cancer Council Queensland, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Background and Context:

Despite a solid history of event and direct mail performance, Cancer Council Queensland recognized the need to expand it portfolio to include F2F fundraising and launched the Breakthrough campaign.


Secure a new, regular source of fundraised income from a new target audience who will work with us to beat cancer. The aim of Breakthrough is to raise $25.7M (net) over the next 10 years to fund cancer research and support programs.


 F2F is a proven fundraising method, but Cancer Council Queensland was conscious of it's strong community support. A F2F pilot was conducted. Of particular focus was volunteer communication, 'inducting' agency campaigners, and linking the communication flow of supporters -> cancer patients -> agency campaigners. Focusing on these areas was paramount to a successful pilot.

Programme Process:

 1. "10 year Plan" Board Proposal, with request for pilot  2.  Internal communications - staff and volunteers  3.  Campaigner training  4. Pilot Tracking   5. Results Report

Costs and returns:

 Initial invest in Year 1 of approximately $434k with a forecasted 10 year gross income of $1.75M. Over 10 years CCQ aims to generate a 30% CIR and net income goal of $25.7M

Outcomes/What was learned: The pilot was a success. Key learnings were around the importance of campaigner and volunteer engagement as well as continuing the supporter conversation post acquisition.