E-poster Presentation 2014 World Cancer Congress

Joe's Team - An innovative triathlon/duathlon sprint event to raise money for head and neck cancer research (#687)

Christine Lasky 1
  1. The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, Toronto, ON, Canada

Background and Context: Inspired by a patient of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre - Joe Finley this unique fundraising event was created to raise money specically for a Centre in Head and Neck Cancers.

Aim: To raise significant money for Head and Neck Cancers and engage a new group of people in support of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Strategy/Tactics: Launch a trathlone/duathlon sprint event to be held annually in a presitgous part of Ontarios's cottage country. The event includes individual triathletes/duathletes as well as relay teams. In 2008 this new event was created. The event is followed by a BBQ and dance celebration open to participants/volunteers with a concert provided by top Canadian music talent. Each participant over 21 must raise $500 and those under 21 raise $250.

Programme Process: People register, train and then fundraise prior to the event. Organizing committee help immensely with team recruitment and sponsor acquisition.

Costs and returns: Joe's Team revenues since inception are $6,000,000 with an average of 456 people participating. In an average year $857,000 is raised. Costs are minimized through donations and in-kind and the event usually cost less than 20% of gross revenue to run.

Outcomes/What was learned: A good event to engage a distinct group of supporters. Long term viability dependent of the strength of the organizing committee. Having a distinct goal for which the money is being used has inspired a lot of supporters. Great event for the summer.