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Road Hockey To Conquer Cancer - A unique team fundraising program appealing to a distinct new segment (#686)

Christine Lasky 1
  1. The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, Toronto, ON, Canada

Background and Context: The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation was seeking a new unique fundraising program to appeal to a younger untapped segment of the population

Aim: To raise significant incremental funds for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Strategy/Tactics: Launch a first of its kind - Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer one day mega fundraising event

Programme Process: Identifying a gap and an opportunity that tapped into something truly Canadian - hockey! Developed a program and the brand event experience to tap into the 25-45 male that is less likely to have been philanthropic in the past. Teams of 8 to 10 players register for the event and must raise $10,000 minimum as a team to participate. Incentives are in place to promote higher fundraising through a celebrity draft.

Costs and returns:  Since 2011, this dawn to dusk road hockey marathon has raised over $8.2 million across Canada, $7.3 million of this in Ontario. With over 6,000 participants, 1400 annually in Toronto and 200 prominent celebrities. Costs for the event have been managed down and are now at approximately 30% of gross fundraising revenue.  

Outcomes/What was learned: This programs engaged a segment of the population that is complementary to our other existing programs. It is a harder demographic to get on board but once they are engaged and experience the event -  they get passionate and generally want to come back in future years.