E-poster Presentation 2014 World Cancer Congress

Raising research money through an innovative event - Ride to conquer cancer (#685)

Christine Lasky 1
  1. The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, Toronto, ON, Canada

New Innovative Ways to Engage Your Public to Raise  Needed Funds for a Leading Cancer Research  Centre resulted in the creation of The Ride To Conquer Cancer

Aim: To create a ongoing stream of significant funding for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and other centres around the world

Strategy/Tactics: Invest in and launch a Big Bold event called The Ride To Conquer Cancer. Launched by The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation in 2008, after almost 2 years of research and development, this unique bike ride has surpassed all other cycling events to become Canada's most successful cycling fundraiser and this intellectual property has been lent out to others in the US and Australia to raise important funds for cancer research and care.  The RTCC has raised over $223 million in 6 years and enlisted over 11,00 cyclists to raise in excess of $2500 per person each year to participate in this event which runs over 2 days and covers200 plus km.  

Programme Process: Riders register for the ride and then are provided support and online tools to either conduct peer to peer fundraising or conduct fundraising activities. The event logistics are outsourced by The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

Costs and returns: This program has raised over $223 million Canada wide. In Ontario, specifically in 2013 raised $ 20.3 million in gross revenue with an $ 6.3 million investment for marketing, logistics and other direct expenses. As a social enterprise model this return is viewed as very acceptable.

Outcomes/What was learned:  Engaging passionate people to fundraise in a highly differentiated and unique event and providing them with the tools and support to succeed in their training for the event and meeting and/or exceeding their fundraising minimums can generate significant ongoing net revenues for a cancer organization. Do not be afraid to invest!