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eviQ Cancer Treatments Online (www.eviQ.org.au) - An International Perspective (#396)

Julia V Shingleton 1 , Lydia PY Loke 1 , Robyn Ward 2 , Jeremy Shapiro 3 , Shelley Rushton 1
  1. Cancer Institute NSW, Eveleigh, NSW, Australia
  2. Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney, NSW , Australia
  3. Cabrini Hospital, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Background and Context:

eviQ is an Australian government, evidence-based, point-of-care resource providing access to over 600 cancer treatment protocols in Medical and Radiation Oncology, Haematology and Cancer Genetics. Each  protocol includes a treatment schedule, administering instructions, side effects, key evidence and patient information.


eviQ’s primary purpose is to support health professionals in the safe delivery of cancer treatments.


With over 600 clinicians involved in content development, eviQ remains clinician owned and driven. Endorsed nationally, eviQ is embedded into Australian clinical practice, policy and information systems.

Programme/Policy Process:

A strict governance framework ensures scope, quality and currency are maintained and all content developed complies with Australian regulations.

Outcomes/What was learned:

Since 2009, eviQ has approximately 40000 registrants and over 10 million page views. 45% registrants are nurses 16% doctors, 13% pharmacists, 8% patients and 18% other. eviQ has been used in 148 countries of which 8%, 49% and 36% (7% unknown) are low, middle and high income countries respectively.

Table 1: International Registrants (Top 10 Countries) (May 2014)
Country and Number of Registrants
New Zealand 983
USA 304
India 212
Ireland 151
Canada 147
United Kingdom 143
Malaysia 121
Singapore 64
Morocco 58
Italy 58

Compared to similar international websites, eviQ was reported to be a high quality resource.1

A 2011 survey of Australian users showed that 85% of 381 respondents found eviQ relevant to their practice and 83% a quality resource.2

A recent survey of international users (146 responses; 48 countries) showed some use eviQ to make treatment related decisions where such information is not well developed in their country. Others use eviQ to review their local protocols and gain a global perspective of evidence-based practice. Many noted that eviQ’s practical treatment information and treatment specific patient information set it apart from other cancer resources.

As a free online resource, eviQ crosses geographical and economic boundaries providing evidence-based cancer treatment information to all.

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