E-poster Presentation 2014 World Cancer Congress

Breast Cancer Organized Screening Program in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (#682)

Sandra Gioia 1 , Fabiola Kestelman 1 , Jandira Castro 1
  1. Andarai Federal Hospital, Rio De Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

Background and Context:

 In Rio de Janeiro there is only opportunistic screening program for breast cancer women who arrive at health units and only 46% received mammography examination request and managed to carry it out. In countries that have deployed effective tracing programs, with coverage of the target population, quality of examinations and proper treatment, breast cancer mortality has been decreasing. The evidence of the impact of crawling on mortality from this neoplasia justify their adoption as public health policy, as recommended by the WHO.


 The breast cancer organized screening program in the community of the Andarai, RJ is committed in assiting women asymptomatic 40-69 years.


 The program provides for the attendance of these women for an indefinite period, free of charge, and conducting annual digital mammography, passing through the steps of early detection and diagnosis. In case of positivity fot malignant disease, the same will be treatded properly.

Programme Process:

 Since April 2014 have been 80 women with an avarage age of 54 years. 100% of them were asymptomatic and 49% had never done before mammography. Only 1 woman presented clinical suspect aged 44 years. 

Costs and returns:

Outcomes/What was learned:

  • Preliminary results of the study suggest that population based organized screening are feasible and age of onset mammography screening should be 40 years in Rio de Janeiro.