Rapid Fire Session 2014 World Cancer Congress

For a future without cervical cancer in El Salvador (#366)

Lisseth Ruiz de Campos 1
  1. Salvadoran Association for Cancer Prevention, San Salvador, El Salvador

Background and Context:

In El Salvador, cervical cancer is the principal cause of death from cancer among women. At present neither vaccine against Human Papilloma Virus is included in the National Regime of Vaccination.


The objective of this project is to advocate for the inclusion of the Vaccine of the Human Papilloma Virus in the National Plan of Immunization by mobilizing different groups of the civil society and the government, to achieve a meaningful change in the health policies and the concession of the necessary resources.


The primary vehicle through which we plan to achieve our objective is to gain support from the Salvadoran parliament women by increasing their awareness about the origins of cervical cancer and the benefits of the vaccine against HPV.  As a support for this main activity we will organize educational and informative sessions with focal groups such as: organized women, young people and journalists, using the methodology of the course “With Love We Learn”. 

Programme/Policy Process:

 The process of advocacy will include the realization of a Round Table with Parliament Women of the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of El Salvador, with the objective that these women introduce “constituent mail” to get financial support to introduce the vaccine.

Outcomes/ What was learned

1) Prevention of Cervical Cancer is one of the main commitments that the Parliamentary Group of Women of the Legislative Assembly (GPM) has adopted in his new work period, to ensure the quality of life of Salvadoran women through of different activities designed to ensure the overall health of women and girls.                                                                                               2) Parliamentary Group of Women of the Legislative Assembly (GPM) has adopted the commitment to present the budgetary guidelines for the General Budget of the Nation 2014, which includes specific actions to prevent Cervical Cancer.