E-poster Presentation 2014 World Cancer Congress

Nationwide cancer awareness program (#542)

Neha Tripathi 1
  1. Cancer Aid Society, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

Background and Context:

 NCDs have slowly replaced the Communicable Diseases down the line when it comes to human mortality. Increased use of Tobacco, Lifestyle changes in recent years integrated with effective promotional strategies of junk food and soft drinks have already added to the toll taking it to academic proportions globally.

The eagles vision and an early foresight for tackling the above problem was envisioned by our Founders leading to inception of Cancer Aid Society in 1987, when a youth at the age of 21 decided to catch hold of  youth  early so as keep them away the ills of the Society leading to the NCDs.


 Strategy was devised using the catchy slogans,

“Your Health: Our Concern”,

“Our Goal: Cancer & NCD Control” &

“Each One Teach Thirty”.

 We targeted the children and youth based on the Philosophy of “Three Generations”.


 Absence of funding for Prevention of Non Communicable diseases specifically Cancer at National & International level was the biggest challenge in the times to come leading to the development of Sponsored Cancer Awareness Program which educates the masses about the Do’s, Don’ts for Prevention of Cancer & NCDs. It includes addictions to drugs, alcohol, smoking or chewing tobacco, chewing pan masala, good dietary habits, healthy living habits, good genital and personal hygiene along with the early symptoms of Cancer when it is curable if treated.  

Programme/Policy Process:

 Self sponsored

Outcomes/What was learned: 

Increasing awareness on prevention of Cancer and NCDs thereby improving the Health hygiene, Dietary habits and decreased use of tobacco products.

Early Detection and treatment of Patients, Decreased mortality and Improved Palliative Care due to decreased sufferings/ exploitation of patients and families.

This program was adjudged The “Best Cancer Awareness Program” in a Conclave of 165 Cancer NGOs of India in 2013.

  1. Mr. Piyush Gupta Principal Executive Officer Cancer Aid Society India piyushgupta@canceraidsocietyindia.org