E-poster Presentation 2014 World Cancer Congress

Demographic variation of Cancer incidence  in Jordan 2000 -2009 (age and sex as example) (#563)

kamal Dr arqoub 1 , mohammad Dr tarawneh 1 , Omar dr nimro 1
  1. MOH, Amman, Jordan

Background:Age and sex are  major determinants of cancer incidence.There are major differences in the underlying age structures of the registry populations compiled in cancer incidence in five continents

Aim:to explore the charactristic of top ten cancer by age group and sex 2000-2009

Methods:Descriptive study done,cases were identified from Jordan cancer registry(JCR) ,all cancers patients that diagnosed and registered in 2000-2009 were included ,data about age, sex, primary site, morphology,were collected and filtered,SPSS software version 17used for analysis frequencies and top ten cancers were calculated

Results:Total number of cases in JCR in were(38222),(49.2%) were males(50.8 %)were females, M:F ratio 0.97:1.There is difference of distribution of cancer cases by age group and sex,about (41.1) % of the cases in < 60 years,Male (58.3%) than female (41.7%).On the other hand females is more common (59.2%) in the age group20-59years than males (40.8%),while in the age > 20 years  years males (56.3%) were slightly more than female(43.7%).Top ten cancers:lymphoma, leukemia and brain & CNS were predominat cancers in the age group 0-19 years in both sexes,while breast cancer is markedly the commonest cancer in female in  the age group20-49years.In males,lymphoma and leukemia and colorectal cancer are the commonest in this age group.In the age group50 years and more breast cancer  again is the first in females while in males lung cancer ,colorectal and prostate cancers are the commenest

Conclusions:There isvariation of  percentages  and rank of top ten cancers by different age groups in Jordan as compared with other national,international countries, lymphoma,leukemia and brain are the commonest cancer in the young age group in both sexes,breast is thecommonest in females from 20 and above.While lung and colorecatl cancers were thecommenest in >50years.efforts and attention to each each agegroup and sex with type of cancer should taken in consideration in cancer prevention and cancer management