E-poster Presentation 2014 World Cancer Congress

Pink Chain Campaign: Awareness regarding risk factors, symptoms and treatment facilities for cancer in different states of India. (#965)

Ankita Mrs Jaiswal 1 , Abhishek Dr Shankar 2 , Keshav Mr Barnwal 1 , Sneha Ms Upadhyaya 1
  1. Punarjeevan Bihar, Nawada, BIHAR, India
  2. Radiation Oncology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Background and Context:

 Cancer is the leading type of cancer in women and has become a public health problem.Delay in diagnosis and treatment of cancer diminishes chance of survival. awareness regarding risk factors, symptoms and treatment facilities may be effective in better outcome.


 To study the level of awareness and knowledge about cancers and associated risk factors among households in different states of India.


 In the study 2000 households were interviewed from six states in india regarding level of knowledge about cacers.

Programme/Policy Process:

 Knowledge of cancers other than those related to tobacco was very low (prostate 18%, colon 9% ) among the communities, with a poor awareness of common signs and symptoms. The knowledge varied from state to state. It is found that the major source of information related to cancers was television (38%) followed by friends and relatives (36%). Only about 15 % of respondents had knowledge about cancer awareness camps organized in their districts but they did not have knowledge about the organizers of the camp.

Outcomes/What was learned:

It is important to create awareness among community through educational programs on cancer prevention, preventable cancer risk factors, benefits of early diagnosis, and availability of screening facilities.