E-poster Presentation 2014 World Cancer Congress

Correction of Anatomic Changes After Surgery For Breast Cancer By Evaluating Multidisciplinary Team and Individualized Preparation of External Prosthesis (#1007)

Marcelo Calil 1 , Debora Montezello 1 , Ana Paula Felix 1 , Esmeralda Segura de Melo 1 , Fernanda Nicolau dos Santos 1
  1. Instituto Brasileiro de Controle do Câncer, São Paulo, SP, Brazil

The Brazilian Institute of Cancer Control (IBCC), increasingly thinks of the welfare of their patients providing an excellence treatment. Thinking about this, a project was implemented together with volunteers from Sewing Workshop in 2012, where all patients who underwent breast surgery with a esthetic effect and for some reason did not surgical repair, were referred for assessment of the group that has the following actions:

. 1 Rate esthetic change;
. 2 Propose alternative way to adapt adequately to fix the change model;
. 3 Execution of custom material model used by the bra;
. 4 Supply and replacement of the external prosthesis every six months;
5. Evaluation of patient satisfaction and staff.

The IBCC got a serie of 908 external prostheses made with materials adaptable to the individual patient's bra.
Alternative ways to fix this offer individualized external adaptation and comfort for patients who did not perform surgical repair of the anatomical deformity resulting from breast cancer.

Keyword: alternative oncology, rehabilitation, no surgical correction, humanization in oncology.