E-poster Presentation 2014 World Cancer Congress

Extending on assistant activities for breast cancer patients in Hanoi - Vietnam (#974)

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  1. Vietnam Environment Protection Fund, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam

Background and Context:

April 2009,Breast Cancer Club (BCC) established with assisted by National Cancer Hospital in Hanoi with volunteer of breast cancer survivors. 2012 website with the name Breast Cancer Network Vietnam (BCNV) & Pink Tie Club (PTC) continuously established for supply more extending information for other Breast Cancer Patient (BCP) in other provinces in Vietnam (VN)


To extend, support, update & more assistant activities for BCP in VN for fighting with cancer & improvement living quality.


To assist, inform, consult, encourage, and help for BCP in long-term to more understand on treatment, living & fighting with cancer not only in Hanoi, but also for other BCP and their relative people in VN.

Programme/Policy Process:

Monthly meeting in BCC & PTC: Explain for BCP in their questions; Consulting by cancer doctors and oncologists; Experience discussion & sharing with new cancer comers; Free distribution cancer documents for BCP & their relative; Conduct exercises practice after surgery & during chemotherapy, radiotherapy; Using foods and drinking for BCP; Charity for poor BCP; Relax activities in cancer community.

 Support, update in website BCNV: Sharing cancer histories; Introduction new medicines, supplement, consulting  treatment, monitoring experiences, working; organize events, workshops, forums; Supply information activities & all other consideration for BCP & others people.

Outcomes/What was learned:

BCP members are increasing monthly. All BCP are very happy to share all thinking in the clubs that they could not talk in living community. BCC, BCNV & PTC become very good forums for BCP & their relatives in update information, positive activities & optimists during cancer treatment as well as improvement living quality. We apply attending 2014 world conference in Australia to more learn, collect, receive knowledge, experience from oncologists, researchers & cancer survivors in the world for continuing communication to fight with cancer in community of VN.

  1. - Ms.Ha Thu Hoang -Breast Cancer Survivor - Textile Institute Add.:No. 478 Minh Khai Str. Hanoi- Vietnam Email:hoangthuha62@gmail.com Mobile phone: 00-84-98500446
  2. - Ms. Tuyet Mai Nguyen - Breast Cancer Survivor Add.: No. 16 Mai Anh Tuan Str. Hanoi Vietnam Email: mai1802@yaho.com.vn Tel:00-84-913250987
  3. - Dr. Tung nguyen Dinh (Mr.)- Oncologist in Hue Central Hospital - Hue City- Vietnam Add. 16 Le Loi Str. Hue City – Thua Thien Hue - Vietnam Tel: 00-84-913426510 Email: tung.phd.@gmail.com