E-poster Presentation 2014 World Cancer Congress

Surgical outcomes of the head and cancer patients: 20 years single surgeon experience in single institution (#1146)

Min Sik Kim 1 , Kwang Jae Cho 1 , Young Hoon Joo 1 , Byung Joon Chun 1 , Sang Yun Kim 1
  1. The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, South Korea

Background:  Between March 1994 and February 2014, we have experienced a total of 1009 cases of the head and neck malignancy.

Aim: . Of total 1009 head and neck cancer patients were treated by the single head and neck surgeon. We analyze the result of surgical treatment in a single institution by a single surgeon.

Methods: Retrospective analysis of surgery-based treatment of head and neck cancer last 20 years.

Results:There were 829 men and 180 women ranging in age from 10 to 89 years. The laryngeal cancer patients were 340 cases, followed by the tongue cancers in 216, the tonsil cancers in 112, the hypopharyngeal cancers in 98, the naso-maxillary cancers in 71, the salivary cancers in 45, the unknown primary lesion in 31, and the miscellaneous cases in 96 cases. Total of 362 reconstructions with flaps from various donor sites were performed.

 In the laryngeal cancer, according to the subsite, glottic, supraglottic and subglottic cancer is 260, 78 , and 2 cases, respectively. 119 patients were performed laser cordectomy, 23 in hemilaryngectomy, suparglottic partial laryngectomy in 35, Supracricoid partial laryngectomy(SCPL) in 98, total laryngectomy in 62, Vertical hemipharyngo-laryngectomy(VHPL) in 3 cases. In the tongue cancer, according to the subsite, 160 in mobile tongue, 20 in floor of mourh(FOM), and 36 in base of tongue(BOT). In the hypopharyngeal cancer, pyriform sinus is 74 cases, postpharyngeal wall 27, and postscricoid 1 case. Five year disease specific survival rate according to the primary site is 91.1% in the laryngeal cancer, 92.8% in the tongue cancer, 80.1% in the tonsil cancer, 62.4% in the hypopharynx cancer, 73.8% in the naso-maxillary cancer, and 81.2% in the salivary cancers.

Conclusions: We reported our result of the surgical treatmen of head and neck cancer that have experienced last 20 years.