June Chan 2014 World Cancer Congress

June Chan

Ms. June Chan is Founder and President of Health Bridge International (HBI), a non-profit organization based in California, United States. HBI’s mission is to reduce the burden of non-communicable disease in Asia by bringing together the public and private sector to share best practices in tobacco control, patient services and the engagement of medical professionals. June had worked at the American Cancer Society (ACS) for over twelve years. During her tenure with the Society, she served as the Director of Greater China Region and supervised all cancer/tobacco control activities in mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong for ACS. In 2004, she successfully established the Society’s first overseas office in Beijing. As the lead staff for the Greater China Region, June raised over half a million U.S. dollars for the Society’s projects in Greater China. Through years of on the ground experiences in implementing successful projects in the Greater China Region, June developed strong and trusted relationships with key members of the Chinese and Taiwanese government, NGO partners as well as the private sector. June has substantial experience and understanding of the complexity and sensitivity of policy making in the Region. In her early years at ACS, June served as the Nationwide Director of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Initiatives. Her role was to provide strategic directions and oversight to the Society for outreach to the Asian American & Pacific Islander populations in the United States. She also oversaw the Nationwide AAPI Advisory Council of the Society, which is responsible for developing a nationwide plan for the purposes of making the Society’s programs and services available to these populations. In 2012-2013, June served as consultant for the LIVESTRONG Foundation as their Advisor on China. Recently, she was hired by the Harvard School of Public Health as an advisor for its China Breast Cancer Prevention Awareness Education and Training Enhancement Pilot Program. On a volunteer basis, June served as board member on the Global Health Team for the American Cancer Society California Division. She also serves as international advisor for the Global Chinese Breast Cancer Group Alliance (greater China), the Hope Foundation for Cancer Care (Taiwan), the Beijing Breast Disease Society (China) and the Chinese Breast Cancer Foundation (China). Locally, June is the international advisor for the Mills Peninsula Hospital in Burlingame, CA.

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