Shoba John 2014 World Cancer Congress

Shoba John

Shoba John brings the development and public policy perspective to public health, social justice and human rights concerns. She serves as the Special Advisor to HealthBridge Foundation of Canada and works out of Mumbai in India. Her current work is focussed on showcasing the linkages between development, Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) and their risk factors. Ms. John has just completed a ground-breaking assessment examining the scope for mainstreaming NCDs in India's Development Programmes. Tobacco use being the major risk factor common to the four leading NCDs, Ms.John’s early years at HealthBridge were devoted to advancing tobacco control policies in South and South East Asia. A former Chair of the Framework Convention Alliance, she has been influencing Governments for a strong and effective Framework Convention on Tobacco Control for over a decade. She also served as the Co-Chair for the Global Smokefree Partnership. Her contributions to global tobacco control have been recognised by the WHO Director General's Award in 2013 and the American Cancer Society in 2007. Today, Shoba translates the lessons learnt from her tobacco control work to address other NCD risk factors, prevention policies and programmes, with special focus on equity and vulnerable populations. She serves on several committees of the Government of India that is developing the country's NCD plans and programmes. Several Indian and international organisations consult her in their campaign planning and programming & granting decisions.

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