Smita Chackungal 2014 World Cancer Congress

Smita Chackungal

Dr. Smita Chackungal is a general surgeon from Canada with a strong interest and passion in global health and global surgery. She graduated medical school from the University of Western Ontario and continued on to complete a surgical residency program there in 2013. During her residency, she obtained a Master of Public Health at the Harvard School of Public Health, and was a research fellow at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. She has worked on projects evaluating and quantifying the unmet burden of surgical disease in both Liberia and Uganda, as well as performing clinical work in rural Zimbabwe and Guyana. Her current clinical and research focus revolves around breast oncology and equitable access to safe, timely and affordable treatment including surgery to patients with cancer in low and middle income countries. She strongly feels that although global surgery is still an emerging discipline, there is a remarkable opportunity for surgeons trained in this field to work in concert with other health professions to apply their unique and specific skill sets and knowledge in improving international cancer care delivery, disease screening and informing on policy.

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