Giulio Napolitano 2014 World Cancer Congress

Giulio Napolitano

Dr Giulio Napolitano works at Queen’s University Belfast as a Senior IM&T Officer, in the Northern Ireland Cancer Registry (Centre for Public Health), and as a Researcher, with the Centre for Statistical Science and Operational Research. In 2015 he will take a position in the Institut für Medizinische Biometrie, Informatik und Epidemiologie (Bonn). His current research interests are in natural language processing, information extraction, machine learning, medical and biomedical informatics, with particular emphasis on knowledge representation (ontologies). He holds Bachelor and Master degrees in Physics, Bioinformatics, Philosophy and has a PhD in Applied Mathematics. With 20 years’ professional and research experience, he has worked in Italy and in the UK and has been involved in several international projects, with the Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (WHO) and the Union for International Cancer Control among the others. He has won Excellence in Innovation and Innovation in Oncology awards.

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