Hayley S Whitford 2014 World Cancer Congress

Hayley S Whitford

Dr Hayley Whitford is a behavioural scientist with Cancer Council Australia, Australia’s leading national not-for-profit cancer control organisation based in Sydney. She is currently situated in the School of Psychology at The University of Adelaide as a Visiting Research Fellow. She has worked primarily in psycho-oncology research for the previous 14 years, utilising quantitative methodologies to conduct applied research into bio-psycho-social-spiritual aspects of cancer, including its diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship. Her research background includes work in the area of quality of life in cancer including research into spiritual wellbeing (meaning, peace, and faith), expectations of medical treatment, the cognitive impact of chemotherapy, informed consent, psychoneuroimmunology, carers of geriatric patients with cancer and their care-recipients, gynaecological cancer survivors, adolescent and young adults with cancer, and the effectiveness of clinical interventions in cancer therapy, to name a few. Hayley's latest national cancer study is available for all Australians to contribute in the form of an online questionnaire about existential wellbeing called 'The 20/20 Vision for Cancer Project' at www.cancer.org.au/2020vision

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