Cheryl Whiting 2014 World Cancer Congress

Cheryl Whiting

Cheryl Whiting is a nationally certified oncology nurse through the Canadian Nurses Association and has practiced nursing for over 35 years in both rural and urban Saskatchewan, Canada. Her oncology nursing experience at the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency has included medical and radiation oncology and a lead role in developing and implementing a community oncology program to provide cancer treatment and support to patients in or closer to their home communities. Presently as Director of Cancer Prevention, Cheryl provides strategic direction and leadership towards a comprehensive population health approach to cancer prevention in Saskatchewan. The focus is to elevate and integrate cancer prevention within the Agency’s cancer control mandate and the provincial frameworks of health promotion, chronic disease prevention, and primary health care. Cheryl supports a collaborative approach to population health promotion and leverages provincially, nationally, and globally to improve population health and reduce the incidence of preventable cancers and chronic diseases for a more cost effective and sustainable health system in Saskatchewan. A major focus of Cheryl’s work and research interest is in strengthening partnerships with Indigenous populations and enhancing collaboration across diverse health services.

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