Oleg Kshivets 2014 World Cancer Congress

Oleg Kshivets

I was born in August 31.1958 (Karaganda, Kazakhstan), married, sportsman. After leaving school, I went to Omsk State Medical Institute on the medical-prophylactic faculty in 1975 (Russia) and graduated with honors in 1981. I have been working as the consultant thoracic/abdominal/general surgeon & surgical oncologist - in department of surgery, Kaluga Cancer Center, Kaluga, Russia (2013-present), consultant thorac-ic/abdominal/general surgeon & surgical oncologist - in department of surgery, Central City Hospital, Kachkanar, Russia (2012-2013), consultant thoracic/abdominal/general surgeon - in Central Clinical City Hospital N1, Great Novgorod, Russia (2011-2012) and associate professor of surgery, North West University, Saint Petersburg, Russia (2011), consultant thoracic/abdominal/general surgeon/surgical oncologist - in department of surgery, Siauliai Public Hospital & Cancer Center, Lithuania (1998 –2010), consultant thoracic surgeon in department of thoracic surgery, Omsk Cancer Center, Russia (1986-1998); consultant abdominal/general surgeon - in department of surgery, Omsk City Multi-Discipline Clinical Hospital, Russia (1984-1986); consultant general surgeon/surgical oncologist in Omsk Irtysh Central Clinical Hospital, Russia (1981-1984), the Highest Category. I completed at finals courses: 1) General and Urgent Surgery (Institute of Qualifying for Physicians, Erevan, Armenia, 1985); 2) Surgical Oncology (Institute of Qualifying for Physicians, Irkutsk, Russia, 1986); 3) Abdominal Surgery (Union Cancer Research Center of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow, Russia, 1988); 4) Expert Systems and Knowledge Engineering (Russian-American Training Center, Moscow, Russia, 1991); 5) Thoracic Surgery (Institute of Qualifying for Physicians, St.Petersburg, 1992, Russia); 6) Thoracic Surgical Oncology (the Prof.N.N.Petrov Research Institute of Oncolo-gy of Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Russia, St.Petersburg, Russia, 1995); 7) Surgical and Clinical Oncology (Lithuanian Oncology Center, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2001); 8) General Thoracic Surgery (Medical Academy for Physicians, St.Petersburg, Russia, 2002); 9) Esophagus and Gastric Surgery (Vilnius University Clinic, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2004); 10) Esophagus and Trachea Surgery (Research Center of Surgery of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow, Russia, 2004); 11) Lung Cancer Surgery (Lithuanian Oncology Center, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2004); 12) Thoracic Surgery (Cardio-Thoracic Surgery Center, Krasnodar, Russia, 2007); 13) Mini-Invasive Surgical Coloproctology (Vilnius University Clinic, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2008); 14) Pancreas Surgery (Kaunas University Clinic, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2008); 15) Video Assisted Surgery (Medical Academy for Physicians, St.Petersburg, Russia, 2009); 16) Surgery (Medical Academy for Physicians, St.Petersburg, Russia, 2010); 17) Clinical Oncology (Medical Academy for Physicians, St.Petersburg, Russia, 2012). Professional Activities: My length of service in consulting in general/urgent/traumatic, thoracic, abdominal surgery and surgical oncology is 32 years. I perfectly perform complex and major procedures on lung, mediastinum, stomach, esophagus, colon, rectum, breast, etc.: combined and extended esophagogastrectomies Ivor-Lewis, Garlock, transhiatal and VATS esophagectomies with anastomosis on the neck, gastric tube, colonic, and small intestinal esophagoplastics, surgery for neuromuscular esophagus diseases, etc., combined pneumonectomies (resection of pericardium, atrium, aorta, trachea, carina, vena cava superior, diaphragm, vena azygos, ribs, etc.), bilobectomies, lobectomies, VATS lobectomies, bronchoplastic and angio-bronchoplastic operations, circular resections of trachea, tracheoplastics, mediastinal tumor extirpations, thoracoscopic procedures, combined total gastrectomies through left thoracoabdominal or abdominal incision (resection of esophagus, diaphragm, mesocolon, duodenum, splenectomy, hemipancreatectomy, etc.) and partial (proximal, distal) gastrectomies, lymphadenectomies D2-D4, surgery for duodenum & gastric ulcers, reconstructive gastroesophageal surgery, pancreatoduodenal resections, liver resections, hemicolonectomies, resection of colon transversum, sigma resection, rectum extirpation, anterior rectum resection, laparoscopic procedures, mastectomies, venectomies, herniaplastics, etc. I am licensed for thoracic, abdominal, general surgery and surgical oncology in the UK (GMC), Ireland (IMC), Lithuania and Russia (Highest Category). I was awarded with 3 international premiums (Japan, 2000; Greece, 2001; the USA, 2004). Scientific Activities: I have been acting in general surgery and cancer research since 1975 - basic sciences (cell and molecule oncobiology, immunooncology); since 1977 - computer sciences (cybernetics, artificial intelligence, system analysis, prediction, simulation modeling, statistics, biometrics); since 1979 – thoracic and abdominal surgery, clinical and surgical oncology (screening, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of lung, gastric, esophagus, colorectal, breast cancer, etc.). I defended two dissertations at the turn of thoracic and abdominal surgery, oncology, immunology, cell biology, cybernetics, artificial intelligence, system analysis, synergetics, prediction, simulation modeling, statistics, biometrics: 1) For the Degree of Philosophy Doctor on the subject: «Optimization of Diagnosis Process for Patients with Malignancies» in 1992 (Prof. N.N.Petrov Research Institute of Oncology of Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Russia, St.Petersburg, Russia); 2) For the Degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences on the subject: «Expert Systems of Diagnosis and Prognosis of Malignant Neoplasms» in 1995 (Scientific-Research Institute of Oncology in Tomsk Scientific Center of Academy of Medical Sciences of Russia, Tomsk, Russia). I took part in 53 Scientific-Research, Technical-Research All-Russian and International Conferences and Congresses. I have 15 patents (20 inventions for screening, early detection, diagnosis and prognosis of malignancies) and 107 publications. Memberships in the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, the Society of Surgical Oncology, the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer, the Society of Surgeons of Russia, the Society of Oncologists of Russia, the Association of Thoracic Surgeons of Russia, the Association of Surgeons of Lithuania, the Union of Physicians of Lithuania, the Society of Oncologists of Lithuania, the Cardio-Thoracic Surgery Network. My hobby: oriental wrestling and chess.

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