Margaret I. Fitch 2014 World Cancer Congress

Margaret I. Fitch

Dr. Fitch has a Bachelor of Nursing, Dalhousie University (Halifax) a Masters of Science in Nursing (Faculty of Nursing) and Doctorate (Institute of Medical Science), University of Toronto. Dr. Fitch is Head of Oncology Nursing and the Patient and Family Support Program at the Odette Cancer Centre (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre). She is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Nursing and Professor in the School of Graduate Studies at the University of Toronto. She maintains an active research program in supportive cancer care with an emphasis on understanding patient perspectives. Dr. Fitch is the Expert Lead, Patient-Reported Outcomes and Survivorship with the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer and provides leadership to foster person-centered cancer care across the country. Dr. Fitch is also newly appointed as the Editor-in-Chief for the Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal. April 8, 2014

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