E-poster Presentation 2014 World Cancer Congress

The preliminary analysis of the factors related to the survival of pancreatic cancer in elderly patients with minimally invasive therapy (#1052)

Xiaoyan Zhu 1 , Jing Xie , Yehua Shen , Junhua Lin , Zhen Chen , Zhiqiang Meng
  1. Integrative Oncology, Shanghai Cancer Center,Fudan University, Shanghai, China

Background:As the population ages, the tumor has become a high incidence of disease in the elderly, this situation will become one of the social concern . Pancreatic cancer is a common malignant tumor of the digestive system, nearly 30 years incidence has increased.

Aim To discussion the risk factors related to survival of patients with pancreatic cancer in elderly patients aged over 60 years

Methods:The clinical data of pancreatic cancer patients over 60 years old was analysis, such as gender, age, TMN staging, and different minimally invasive therapy

Results:Totally, the average median survival time of 135 cases of eldly patients with pancreatic cancer was 7.7 months, and half-year survival rate was 60%, and 1-year survival rate for 24%, 2-year survival rate for 6%, 3-year survival rate of 4%. The results of multivariate regression model of COX mode showed that only radical resection of pancreatic cancer are independent risk factors affecting prognosis of patients. The survival analysis of patients with different treatment methods found that, No TAI/TACE group compared with the TAI/TACE group the median survival period were 6.8 months and 8.8 months(p=0. 362), No HIFU group compared with  HIFU group, the median survival period was 7.5 months and 7.9 months (P=0.456), TAI/TACE group compared TAI/TACE combined with radiotherapy group, the median survival time was 6.5 months and 11.6 months (p=0. 035); TAI/TACE group compared TAI/TACE combined with HIFU group, the median survival time was 5.6 months and10.2 months(P=0.024).

Conclusions:It suggested that radical resection of pancreatic carcinoma related to the prognosis of elderly patients over 60 with pancreatic cancer. Radical Resection of pancreatic carcinoma in the elderly patients with early stage could get long-term survival, The elderly patients with advanced pancreatic carcinoma could benefit from the combination treatment, such as the treatment of TAI/TACE combined with radiotherapy, TAI/TACE combined with HIFU.