Rapid Fire Session 2014 World Cancer Congress

Million dollar corporate partnerships (#504)

Jane L. Hutchison 1
  1. Cancer Council Australia, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Background and Context:

By joining forces with the corporate sector, Cancer Council Australia is successfully raising funds and awareness to reduce the impact of cancer in Australia. 

Through million dollar corporate partnerships, like:

o   Coles supermarkets - a 19 year partnership which has raised $16.7m. Last year we raised $2.1m for Cancer Council Helpline, a free, telephone support service for people affected by cancer.

o   eftpos - a ‘charity of the year’ style, $1m partnership which enables Australian secondary schools to apply for grants up to $25k to erect shade to help reduce skin cancer risk for our children.


Cancer Council will share insights on attracting and retaining million dollar partnerships, which can be adapted elsewhere


Outline methods used to attract and retain million dollar partners, including:

o   Keeping a 19 year partnership compelling, through an innovative, integrated fundraising model; 

o   the eftpos Giveback 2013 campaign and the extensive social media campaign.

Programme Process:

Analyse different methods of managing million dollar corporate partnerships, which leads to the common elements of success (outlined below).

Costs and returns:

Corporates are an important funding source, but it’s becoming more difficult to obtain.

If done right, corporate partnerships are one of the most cost effective forms of fundraising, and best ways to raise awareness. 

Outcomes/What was learned:

How can you get and keep million dollar corporate partnerships? 

·         Be ahead of the trend – understand current trends in your jurisdiction 

·         Innovation – keep mature partnerships compelling, and new partnerships unique. 

·         Social media - integrate both organisations and leverage the partnership (eg: eftpos social media campaign to vote for beneficiaries). 

·         PR angles – strategic alignment of objectives for genuine partnerships, and prepare PR mitigation plan.   

·          Transparency – directed funding to a measurable social impact.