E-poster Presentation 2014 World Cancer Congress

The combined approach to the treatment of limb soft tissue sarcoma recurrences (#1145)

Mikhail D Khanevich 1 , George M Manikhas 1 , Sergei V Kungurtsev 2 , Nikolay P Loktev 2 , Sergey M Vashkurov 1 , Maxim A Kukanov 1 , Anton V Khazov 1
  1. Saint-Petersburg City Clinical Oncology Health Center, Saint-Peterburg, Russia
  2. Professional Society of Cryosurgeons, Moscow, Russian Federation


Nowadays the active search of prophylaxis and treatment methods of local recurrence of soft tissue sarcomas is being held. The frequency of primary recurrences reaches 20-30% of all patients who underwent surgery.
At the same time, the frequency of repeated relapse reaches 50%. Herewith today there is stable tendency for the functionally-sparing and organ-preserving intervention to be carried out.


  The improvement of treatment results in patients with soft tissue sarcoma recurrence.


  We used the combination of surgical treatment with preoperative x-ray endovascular vessels embolisation, feeding the tumor, and cryosurgical effect on deleted tumor bed.

Our basic research group was made up of 64 patients with repeated recurrent soft tissue sarcoma of the limbs, to whom we carried out preoperative selective x-ray endovascular embolisation of feeding vessels with following intraoperative cryo- effect on deleted tumor bed.
On the first stage these patients got partial and full reduction of blood flow in the tumor with the help of x-ray endovascular method.
The next stage included surgical deletion of recurrence with preservation of the limb and its functions. Then we carried out cryo-effect on deleted tumor bed.
The control group included 81 patients. This group was comparable with the basic group according to clinical social indicator. These patients underwent surgery from 1995 to 2005, long before we could apply technical capabilities of using x-ray endovascular methods and cryolysis.

Results and conclusions:

 The observation period in the basic group was from 2 to 7 years. In the result of the work that had been carried out we managed to reduce intraoperative blood loss volume 1,4 times in the patients of the main group. Besides, the using of combined approach lets reduce the number of repeated local recurrence of soft tissue sarcomas 1,8 times during organ-preserving surgical interventions.