Rapid Fire Session 2014 World Cancer Congress

Raising funds to finance  the fight against childhood cancer in Congo: The experience of the Calissa Ikama Foundation (#511)

Ken Phinéas Tchiteya 1 2 , Jean-Jacques Ikama 1 2 , Jean-Jacques Makaya 1 2 , Yolande Ketta-Mbanguyd 1 2 , Judith Nsonde Malanda 1 2
  1. ALIAM contre le cancer, Paris, France
  2. Fondation Calissa Ikama, Brazzaville, Congo

Background and Context:

 The action taken by the Calissa Ikama Foundation since its creation in 2008, allowed obtaining significant advances in the field of the fight against cancer in the Congo.

Of the nine negative points identified in 2008, eight points still require improvement: four negative points and four encouraging points.

The Calissa Ikama Foundation has developed an action plan, containing six priority projects, which will be carried out in 2014-2015.  The implementation of these projects will transform these encouraging and negatives points into positives ones.


 Mobilize 340,000 U.S. Dollars, essential for the implementation of these different projects.


The Calissa Ikama Foundation board of directors members, volunteers and sympathisans  have used their address book and their relational capital to reach political and business leaders, and invite them to charity event that was held Saturday, February 15, 2014.

The funds should come from the sale of tables, gifts and donations before, during and after the evening.

Programme Process:

The program for the evening included: film on the history of the Calissa Ikama Foundation; communication about the treatment of childhood cancer at University Hospital of Brazzaville by an oncologist, presentation of the project to establish a Pediatric Oncology Unit in Brazzaville by a pediatrician, progressive announcement of the development of fundraising and encouragement and thanks guests.

Costs and returns:

The organization of the event has cost 16,700 dollars and 171,730 dollars or 50% of the funds sought were raised. 

Outcomes/What was learned:

In a country that suffers from a large deficit in communication about cancer and who has not yet implemented its national policy, find funds for actions against cancer is not easy.

The action of the Calissa Ikama Foundation shows that with more willpower, determination and passion, it is possible to find funding locally relying on the private sector and philanthropy.