Rapid Fire Session 2014 World Cancer Congress

Prevention and Early Detection Fundraising & Awareness: Because Caring Counts by Colgate Palmolive –Softlan S. Nair 11 Public Health, 2Early Detection & Awareness, 3 Colgate Palmolive Malaysia-Softlan, 4National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM), 5 Malaysia (#508)

Sangeetha Nair 1
  1. National Cancer Society Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Background: Early detection represents one of the most promising approaches in reducing the growing cancer burden. In Malaysia, despite having all the available facilities, early detection is generally limited and ignored. Breast Cancer is the leading cancer among Malaysian women, therefore it is important to encourage early detection. In 2009,Colgate Palmolive Malaysia-Softlan initiated an early detection programme as part of their corporate social responsibly project with National Cancer Society Malaysia and two other cancer NGOs

Objective: To educate women on the importance of early screening and detection. To instill a better understanding of breast cancer and its rate of cure through early detection. To educate Malaysian women about the importance of monthly Self Breast Examination.  Lastly, to provide free-mammograms to underprivileged women, funded by the Colgate Palmolive initiatives.  

 Method: We run educational and early detection roadshows in shopping malls throughout the month of October. NCSM provides nurses to give free Clinical Breast Examination to shoppers and also a wide range of information about breast cancer.  We also educate women on how to do their monthly Self Breast Examination.

 Results: The results that were derived were not based on questionnaires; They were based on the number of women that visited our education booth for information and also the number of women that walked in for free Clinical Breast Examinations.  Colgate-Palmolive raised RM33,333 for NCSM to provide free mammograms to unprivileged communities.

 Conclusion: In conclusion, as an ongoing campaign, this is a very successful campaign for all the partners involved as well as the community at large. This campaign is now being organized state-wise. We are now reaching out to communities in other Malaysian states besides Kuala Lumpur