Rapid Fire Session 2014 World Cancer Congress

Christmas stars – Christmas campaign (#513)

Ola Alexander Opdalshei 1
  1. Norwegian Cancer Society, Oslo, Norway

Background and Context:

The Cancer Society does not receive any economic support from the Government and are therefore completely dependent on the numerous private donations they receive each year. Christmas is an important fundraising month for organizations in Norway. We wanted to ask for more than money. We also wanted to show that the donations give hope to the cancer patiens and their relatives.


We wanted to increase donations, as well as directlycreating a direct link between the donation and the creation of hope to patients actually fighting cancer this christmas.


We decided that for every gift we received at www.kreftforeningen.no/christmas , we would send a Christmas star to a hospital. The stars were therefore a greeting from the people who donated money to cancer research and a visible symbol of hope. During Christmas. For the new year to come. And to all other days of the year.

The Christmas campaign is normally a direct mail sent to 600 000 people. The new concept this year, were the the paper Christmas stars sent to hospitals according to donors whishes, a film and a web page for online donations.

Programme Process:

Costs and returns:

The total returns on the campaign were 15.5 million NOK as a direct response. The aim was 12 million NOK. The cost budget was 5 million NOK in total, NOK 300, 000,- were used on the Christmas Star part of the campaign. All of the large hospital joined us - 19 in total.

Outcomes/What was learned:

. The reception of the idea and the stars was very good, both from the public, from the patients and from the next of kin.

We didn’t have enough time to fully exploit the stars concept in 2013, and we aim to four times double the number of stars sent to the hospitals in 2014