E-poster Presentation 2014 World Cancer Congress

 Being An Oncology Nurse From The Perspective Of Second Grade Nursing Students (#1117)

Elif Sözeri 1 , Neşe Uysal 1 , Sevinç Kutlutürkan 1
  1. Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey

Background: Oncology nurses are medical professionals who increase the effectiveness of cancer treatment by means of a holistic approach, manage care, and ensure symptom control.    

Aim:This study was conducted for the purpose of determining the opinions of sophomore nursing students on oncology patients, oncology nurses, oncology nursing practices, and the characteristics that an oncology nurse should have

Methods:The study was conducted with 42 students who have received training on the roles and responsibilities of oncology nursing, engaging in clinical practices at the oncology clinic, and accepting to participate in the study.  The data of the study were collected utilizing the questionnaire covering the demographic characteristics of students and their opinions concerning oncology nursing. The questionnaires were applied following the practices of students at the Oncology Clinic. Institutional written consent was obtained for the study. 

Results: The mean age of students included in the study was 20.33±2.48. A proportion of 97.6% of students attended practice for the first time at the oncology clinic. Opinions of students on oncology patients and oncology nurses;26.1% of the students defined the oncology patient as “the patient group with a lot of physical and psychosocial problems’’.Their opinions on oncology nurses: 14.2% of students defined the oncology nurse asquick, self-confident, calm, and careful.Their opinions on oncology nursing; 35.7% of students reported that nurses had inadequate communication skills, and 38% reported that they spared less time for care. Furthermore, 21.4% stated that they acted more carefully in practice and 14.2% stated that they ensured symptom control.

Conclusions:It can be observed that students are aware ofthe physical and psychosocial needs of oncology patients. In line with this, it is recommended that the topics of care practice for oncology nursing, symptom management, and palliative care are included in postgraduate education