E-poster Presentation 2014 World Cancer Congress

In the wake of prostate cancer epidemic: Dominica a resource-scarce and high risk country, its effort to minimize the risk: low cost, high clinical profeciency screening effort:  a revelation (#1167)

Kamalendu Malaker 1 , Gerld Grell 2 , Rosanna Emmanuel 2
  1. Ross University School of Medicine, Picard, Portsmouth, Dominica
  2. Clinical and Community Medicine, Ross University School of Medicine, Picard, Portsmouth, Dominica

Background: Prostatic cancer is epidemic1 amongst African-American and Afro Caribbeans2. Dominica has , 73,000 compliant populations; big advantages for screening. Prostate screening3 should account for demography, general health, specific urinary symptoms, clinical examination and digital rectal examination (DRE) of the prostate and pelvis.  Age of onset in African-Americans and Afro-Caribbean is low as 40. Minimum age for screening needs to be 40.

Aim: To study the pattern and relative frequency of prostate disease including cancer in Dominica.

Methods: This study collected demographic data; 9 point health questionnaire; Digital Rectal Examination (DRE).  A protocol has been developed for DRE to reduce observer variance.  A fast and patient –friendly technique developed for DRE. Population aged between 40 -100+ were screened.  940 people have been screened, classified as Urban, Sub-urban and rural. Ethnically divided into Afro- Caribbean and Carib Indians.  

Results:940 persons were screened, classified as Urban (163), Sub-Urban (401), Rural (321) and the Caribe territory (55). Urban group,  5.52% had cancer, 20.85% had BPH & 25.15% had prostatitis; Suburban group, -1.74% cancer, 30.4% had BPH and 12.96% had prostatitis; Rural Gr,  0.93% cancer, 14.64% BPH , 0.93% prostatitis; Caribe territory,  0% cancer , 4% BPH, 0% prostatitis.  

Conclusions:  Studies area evolving: prostatitis and cancer, urban/non-urban variation,   standardized DRE technique, indicative of substantial impact on understanding. Revealed positive association of chronic prostatitis and prostate cancer.