E-poster Presentation 2014 World Cancer Congress

Prostate disease, cancer epidemic: Ethnic advantage in a high risk country of Dominica (#1166)

Kamalendu Malaker 1 2 , Gerald Grell 2 , Rosanna Emmanuel 3
  1. Ross University School of Medicine, Picard, Portsmouth, Dominica
  2. Clinical and Community Medicine, Ross University School of Medicine, Picard, Portsmouth, Dominica
  3. Community Medicine, Ross University School of Medicine, Portsmouth, Dominica

Background: Dominica a Caribbean island. Dominicans are Afro Caribbean and Carib/Kalinago Indians. The origin of Carib/Kalinago Indians is disputed. Disease pattern of migrants equates with natives after 3-4 generation (3) Difference in Prostate disease have been studied.

 Aim: Is there any ethnic advantage in high risk area for prostate cancer.

 Methods: A national campaign carried out for normal prostate, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), prostatitis and cancer of prostate. 940 people were examined, 55 were Carib Indians and 855 were Afro-Caribbean. Analysis was carried out by habitat.

  Results: Of the 940, 885 Afro-Caribbean and 55 Caribe; of 885 Afro-Caribbean, 2.1% had prostatic cancer; 22.68% BPH and 10.83%, Prostatitis. Of 55 Caribs, 0% had cancer, 4% had BPH and 0% had prostatitis.

Conclusions: Caribs may have migrated to the West Indies as much as 5000 to 9000 years ago either from Siberia or South East Asia. Dominica’s Caribs appears to have retained resistance to cancer of prostate. Migrants from other east and south East Asian countries living in USA, loose their ethnicity associated resistance, (3)

Our finding appears to be unique. Further detailed research is needed to exploit the advantage.

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