E-poster Presentation 2014 World Cancer Congress

Strategies for increasing early detection of breast cancer (#1100)

Beatrice Wiafe Addai 1
  1. Breast Care International, Kumasi, Ghana

Background and Context:

Worldwide cancer rates including breast cancer are on the rise.  Late presentation of breast cancer is a major problem in Ghana.  Early detection and treatment has been our focus at Breast Care International (BCI). 


  1. Strengthen breast cancer awareness through outreach educational programs and conduct free breast screening campaigns in local community groups, faith based organizations, educational institutions, and civic organizations.
  2. To maximize personal and community wellness through community participation, excellence in public health education and practice, and empowering people to save lives and end late stage breast cancer presentation in Ghana.


Talks aimed at demystifying Breast and Cervical Cancers as incurable diseases

2.      Testimonies by survivors

3.      Clinical Breast examination of attendees

4.      Teaching of Breast Self Examination

5.      The use of pictures and flyers

6.      That Breast and Cervical Cancers, in spite of their life-threatening potential are curable and can be overcome if detected at an early stage

8.      That Mastectomy is not the only available solution for breast cancer. Breast Conservation is another possibility

9.      That most cases are referred to specialist TOO LATE when the cancers have reached advanced stages, thus rendering the patients inoperable and beyond recovery

Programme/Policy Process:

Breast Care International (BCI) has been actively engaged in organizing outreach programmes to bring hope, health, and empowerment to communities in Ghana through the provision and dissemination of quality breast cancer education, screening, counseling, advocacy, research, treatment, and support to intensify breast cancer awareness and improve the quality of life of women at risk with breast cancer.  Our activities are concentrated in remote areas of the countr

Outcomes/What was learned:

Certainly, the number of patients presenting with late stage cancer is on the decline on account of education and the screening exercise mounted by Breast Care International.