E-poster Presentation 2014 World Cancer Congress

Raising awareness of Breast Cancer early detection in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (#752)

Eiman Binyameen 1 , Hanadi Al-Outha 1 , May Al-Rashid 1
  1. Zahra Breast Cancer Association, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Due to lack of knowledge of early detection of breast cancer, about 73% of cases in the KSA decide to consult the doctor at a very advanced stage of disease that cannot be cured1, compared with 30% of cases in developed countries, because of the attention of periodic examination system of the breast. ZAHRA BC association was established in 2007, to promote awareness for early detection of  BC

To enhance awareness among women across the country for early detection, prevention and treatment of the disease, and assisting breast cancer patients by directing them to the appropriate channels.

Develop and carry out BC awareness programs. 
Direct BC patients to specialized healthcare centers for receiving treatment and necessary services
Support scientific studies aiming to increase public awareness of the epidemiology and etiology of BC; using the recommendations to expand awareness of this disease in our society
Develop Saudi cadres specialized in BC research and implement training, educational and scholarship programs
construct affiliations with relevant health care foundations who can cooperate & participate with the Association in its activities.

At present; ZAHRA was able to take an active part in the BC awareness in KSA. seven successful awareness campaigns and Five offices was established. (174) lectures were performed where (11,590) ladies from different age groups attended.
In collaboration with Ministry of Health (365) health educators & nurses was recruited to target 20 cities during October 2014. (19,530) attended the campaign . (1,515,969) viewed our YouTube ad. (11) BC booklets was published with a version in Brail.
since 2009 (554) women benefited from ZAHRA’s screening clinic & (28) private clinics promoted a special rates for screening.
ZAHRA services has increased 35% in the last 2 years. ZAHRA participated in (19) studies. (182) primary health care physicians along with (40) health educators enrolled in training programs.