E-poster Presentation 2014 World Cancer Congress

National society of pediatric hematologists and oncologists as an instrument of united professional community forming on the territory of the Russian Federation (#761)

Alexey A Maschan 1 2 , Svetlana R Varfolomeeva 1 2 , Kirill I Kirgizov 1 2 , Konstantin V Dobrenkov 1 2 , Galina A Novichkova 1 2 , Alexander G Roumyantsev 1 2
  1. The National Society of Pediatric Hematologists and Oncologists, Moscow, Russia
  2. Dmitriy Rogachev Federal Research Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology, Moscow, Russia

Background and Context:

 Today one of major role in the medical work regulation is provided for professional societies. These societies provide not only educational resources bit plays a huge role in a question of protection of physicians and guidelines forming.


 To present an activities of the National society of pediatric hematologists and oncologists (NSPHO) in a field of education, clinical guidelines forming and protection of society members.


 NSPHO established in 2009 for optimizing of treatment of children with hematological and oncological diseases, forming of union scientific, educational and informational environment, protection of physicians and patients.


Programme/Policy Process:

 To follow the strategy NSPHO realizing the following programs: “Far regions” (educational seminars in regions), “Treat together” (trainings in leading hem/onc scientific center), “Clinical guidelines”, “Catalogue of pediatric hematological and oncological centers of Russian Federation”, “For fidelity to profession” prize and “Meetings of society”.

Outcomes/What was learned: Now, the NSPHO is one of the fast growing professional associations. More than 80% of profession representatives is participants of NSPHO on the territory of Russian Federation. More than 450 participants visited last Meeting of NSPHO, 194 oral and 44 poster presentations were made. Society allows forming unique approaches to diagnosing, treatment and scientific analysis on all territory of Russian Federation.