E-poster Presentation 2014 World Cancer Congress

Policies Informed by Evidence Workshop: improving decision making processes for cancer control in Brazil (#850)

Rodrigo Feijo 1 , Leticia Costa 1
  1. National Cancer Institute of Brazil, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Background and Context:

 Worldwide, the use of scientific evidence has been promoted as an element to be incorporated into planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of health policies and programs. Basing decision making on research evidence optimizes outcomes in health systems and services.


 Sensitize decision makers, managers and their supporters, in the field of cancer control, for the incorporation of research evidence in policy formulation, planning and health management.


 The Virtual Health Library - Prevention and Cancer Control, which is formed by a network of leading institutions in this field in Brazil, developed in partnership with Pan American Health Organization the workshop Policies Informed by Evidence which gathered 40 health and information professionals involved in decision making processes.

Programme/Policy Process:

 Participants were selected taking into account their work on designing cancer control policies in Brazil. The workshop was developed in one day and was structured through sessions with the objective of reflecting upon key problems in cancer control and the ways to look for and apply the best available evidence to formulate strategies aimed to address these challenges. Information networks available and strategies for more effective searches were presented to the participants who were divided into groups and had to work on the development of strategies to problems presented by the moderator.

Outcomes/What was learned:

The interest for the workshop was higher than expected and people who had not been invited to participate asked to be included in upcoming trainings. Participants rated the experience very positively and felt that they were more prepared to look for and understand the best available scientific evidence. New trainings involving legislators are being considered as well as an online course.