E-poster Presentation 2014 World Cancer Congress

Scientific technical literature: Contribution to the knowledge on prevention and control of cancer (#815)

Tais Facina 1 , Letícia Casado 1
  1. National Cancer Institute José Alencar Gomes da Silva, Rio De Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

Background and Context: The National Cancer Institute José Alencar Gomes da Silva (INCA), an agency of the Ministry of Health of Brazil responsible for developing and coordinating integrated actions for the prevention and control of cancer in the country, uses the production of publications as one of its strategies for this purpose.

Aim: To describe the importance of the publications about prevention and control of cancer as a support for the actions that contribute to the reduction in the incidence and mortality due to cancer, improving the knowledge of healthcare managers, professionals, researchers and students.

Strategy/Tactics: The basis of operations is the generation and dissemination of knowledge for the adoption of technical procedures, scientific and technological research and innovation in health.

Programme/Policy Process: All publications produced by INCA undergo an extensive editorial process, which is responsible for transforming the information in quality, transparent and broad-access publishing products.

Outcomes/What was learned: The publications produced by INCA contribute to the knowledge on prevention and control of cancer in the country and to the national public health activities concerning this area; they offer support for decision-making, and are used as efficient tools for health actions.

Examples of publications produced by INCA and its uses:

Guidelines for cervical cancer screening - Standardized recommendations for clinical approaches to care for women with precursor or invasive lesions. Clinical guidelines of the National Cervical Cancer Control Program.

Guidelines for the Surveillance of Work-Related Cancer - Technical and Epidemiological Guidelines to trigger epidemiological surveillance and working place-based actions.

Knowing Health: Preventing Tobacco and Other Risk Factors for Cancer - It presents smoking and other risk factors that increase the incidence of cancer.