E-poster Presentation 2014 World Cancer Congress

Combination of intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT) by using intrabeam system and oncoplastic breast surgery in Vietnam (#923)

Tung Dinh Nguyen 1


: Intraoprative radiation therapy (IORT} and oncoplastic surgery for breast cancer treatment was performed the first time in Vietnam.  A total of 30 patients of breast cancer with stage I & II were collected from Hue Central Hospital from December 2012 to May 2014


 To assess the effectiveness of the combination between this procedures in the field of oncology as well as aesthetics.


Intraoperative radiotherapy using the Intrabeam system was delivered to the tumor bed immediately after surgical excision during the anasthesia .The radiation dose received was between 12 Gy to 20Gy at the surface of the applicator, 5-7Gy at 1cm into the surrounding tissues.
Oncoplastic breast surgery was performed after completion radiotherapy. Some patients received the planned external beam radiotherapy ( typically 45-50Gy in 5 weeks ) to the whole breast.


30 cases selected for IORT, mean age 51 , 25 (83.3%) symptomatic. Imaging abnormality in 27 (90%) nodule,  26 (86.6%) ductal carcinoma, Lobular cancers were actively excluded.  Tumor size ranges from 10 to 30mm ,  Receptor status in 25( 83.3%) ER +ve/PR +ve, 27 (90%) Her2 -ve
IORT in 22 (73.3%) single dose, 8 of 30 (26.6%) IORT cases required whole breast radiation therapy,
applicator size from 3.5- 5.0cm, time of intraoperative radiation for single dose is 42 min. For oncoplastic breast surgery ,16(53.3%) lateral mammaplasty , 7 ( 23.3%) donut procedure. Short term complications  are  4 cases of cellulitis , 1 case of skin erythema. Longest follow-up to date is 18 months, no patients occured local recurrence. The aesthetic result of research has shown over 85 % with excellent and good score.


IORT as a boost for breast conserving therapy and using single dose for selected patients . Combination between IORT and oncoplastic surgery is necessary for breast cancer patient to improve the qualify of life .