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Physiology of yogic practices (20366)

Pranati Nanda 1
  1. All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

Background: Early emergence of many diseases in younger population inspite of many mordern technologies is a challenge to the mordern medicines.The magnitude of mental and social health problems are on a rise and many alternative therapies like Yogic practices, Spiritual healing, Ayurveda,lifestyle modification etc have emerged to achieve the health goal.

Aims , Objectives , Observations:  Yogic practices as a science for thousands of years in India has shown normal human being to achieve a higher state of positive health both physically and mentally. The integrative approach of Hatha yoga(the science of Asanas through perfect physical exercise) and Raja yoga(science of meditation and controll of  mind)has ascertained the fitness of human body and stability of mind.It has also been shown to be effective in acheiving positive health and increasing the life span.The effect of such yogic practices and its effect on body physiology has been studied from ancient days till date.Scriptures like Hatha yoga pradipaka prescribes diferent dyanmic Asanas which utilizes speed of muscles and helps in maintainig strength and increase performance.The Patanjali yoga sutras prescribe Asanas which maintains mental poise through relaxation techniques.Body flexibility increases and mind is balanced.Meditation through slow breathing process helps controll the mind.Researchers of mordern day also  have conducted scientific studies on this techniques . The positive effect of Asanas and Meditations can be of immense help in palliation in terminally ill patients.This techniques has been proved to increase mental stability , decrease stress , improved quality of life, and have prolonged  life span.Scientist of different international statures have shown that Asanas and meditations has efficiently addressed diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis , Hypertension , Diabetis as well as stress.

Conclusion: Hence yogic practices chanelizes energy in our body, improves quality of life, makes the mind stable and reduce the stress levels  and increases positive health.